Why Choose us


Welcome to SR Hostel & Residence, your premier choice for foreign workers’ hostel. We understand the significance of offering a secure and compliant living environment for foreign workers. As the top choice for foreign workers’ hostel, we take immense pride in maintaining facilities that meet the highest safety standards and comply with all relevant regulations, including Act 446 Jabatan Tenaga Kerja and BOMBA Fire Safety Requirements. Here are compelling reasons why you should choose us:

Furnished with complete facilities and basic equipment compliance with JTK Act 446.

Compliant with BOMBA Fire Safety Requirements and provide fire drill training.

We ensure regular inspections, repairs, and servicing of all essential amenities such as electrical systems, plumbing, and ventilation.
We conduct regular audits to assess and improve our compliance with JTK Act 446 and BOMBA Fire Safety Requirements.
Authorized person to respond to all emergency inquiries/cases.
24/7 security patrolling to ensure the safety of the living quarters.
In case of any medical concerns or emergencies, your workers can receive immediate assistance and appropriate care within our premises.

CCTV surveillance and turnstile gate access system ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the premises and provide a secure environment.

A warden will oversee and maintain the hostel’s maintenance.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic living environment is essential.
Provide pest control.

Disciplinary and counseling services.